The Professional Construction company in Trivandrum with 8+ years of experience who is committed to deliver quality and budget friendly homes to our clients 

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    A mission to simplify the process of building a house for the customer,

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    A vision of redefining the path of building and constructing properties,

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    An understanding of the values of maintaining customer-focused services and enriching the customers’ experience.

We Provide One stop Solutions for all your construction needs.

Prithvi Homes -most Trusted Home Construction Company in Trivandrum. We offer customised home construction right from designing, sourcing materials, on site construction along with interiors for your new home. We have a professional team of well experienced civil engineers, architects, project managers and interior designers which counts us among the top construction contractors in Trivandrum

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Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company. Tell them that you have a solution for all their pain points and will cater to each one of them.

On Time Delivery

Our Projects will be handed over on time as per the given schedule.

Top Notch Quality

We have a  quality checklist at every phases to ensure that the quality materials .

Professional Approach

We have an Professional experienced team  focused on transaparent dealings

Years of Experience

The best construction company in Trivandrum  with 8+ years of experience .